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Name:Minoru Yoshinaga

Minoru Yoshinaga, 17 - normal, Tatsuya's younger brother, black hair, pale blue eyes

Four years ago his parents were killed in a car accident and so his older brother took responsibility for him. Since then, Minoru has tried to bury himself in studies and not form a connection to anyone. However he was fascinated by Amaya and agreed to date her, though he still tried to keep a barrier up between them. When he did realize that his feelings ran deeper, he hid it and tried to look for a way to end it out of fear. That's why when she started talking about wanting to be a raindrop, he took the chance and fought with her about it. It wasn't until she went unconscious that Minoru admitted to himself the feelings he had for her. Except she wasn't quite the same when she woke up. Minoru has started to realize that every time Amaya is upset, it rains. He's not quite sure what to make of it but has told his brother who suspiciously brushed it off. Thus he's started to investigate his brother's secret work. Minoru is one of the top students in his class, excelling in all subjects due to hard studying.
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